2017 Honda CRV Price, Engine, Performance, Fuel Economy

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Honda CRV is one of the most popular crossovers in the world. In this year, the newest version comes, named 2017 Honda CRV. Of course it offers many improvements. We can notice the new 2017 Honda CRV interior, exterior, etc. Therefore, it will be very interesting to discuss more about this new crossover.

2017 Honda CRV Engine

2017 Honda CRV Prices

This Honda crossover comes with 4 doors and offers 5 passengers. Designed with 4 wheel drive, 2017 Honda CR-V configurations available are various. So, the prices are also different from one model with another. If you want to buy the base model, LX model, you need to prepare about 25,000 dollars whereas the top model is touring model that requires you to spend about 33,300 dollars. The other models available include EX with 27,600 dollars, EX-L with 30,100 dollars, and EX-L with Navi 32,000 dollars.

2017 Honda CRV Engine

This crossover is very powerful. In this case, you have to thank to its engine used. This 2017 Honda CRV is powered by DOHC 16 valve and 2.4 liter engine with inline-4. This engine is able to provide up to 182 horsepower as well as 180 pounds feet of torque. Besides that, it also offers turbocharged & intercooled DOHC with 16 valve and 1.5 liter engine where it can produce up to 193 horsepower and also 180 pounds feet of torque.

2017 Honda CRV Performance

Compared to Honda CRV 2016, this new version of CRV comes with better performance. It can be seen from the ability to hit from 0 to 60 mph where it needs about 7.5 seconds. Besides that, it takes around 18.5 seconds to hit from 0 to 100 mph. for standing a quarter mile, it needs about 16 seconds whereas the top speed is up to 126 miles per hour.

2017 Honda CRV Fuel Economy

This new Honda crossover is also fuel efficient. If you drive it on the city roads, it can be up to 29 miles per gallon. On the other hand, it can be up to 35 miles per gallon if you drive it on highways. Therefore, 2017 Honda CRV is considered as one of the most fuel efficient crossovers.

2017 Honda CRV Exterior

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