2017 Honda Fit Redesign, EPA, Speed, Prices, Engine

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Honda Fit comes in new version in this year and we call it as 2017 Honda Fit. This car offers some improvements compared to the previous versions. It makes many people curious about it. Therefore, this article will discuss about its review. For more detailed about 2017 Honda Fit review, let’s pay attention to this article.

2017 Honda Fit 2

2017 Honda Fit Redesign

In relation to the exterior, this new Honda car comes with more stylish look. The lighter weight also optimizes the performance and speed. You can see the changes from the headlights, taillights, bumpers, grille, and some other parts. For the interior, it feels more spacious and more comfortable. Even more, it is also more enjoyable and safer with the more complete features applied.

2017 Honda Fit EPA

This new car is available in various models. Because there are some 2017 Honda Fit configurations, the prices are also different from one model to another. Anyway, the fuel economy is very good where it can reach up to 33 miles per gallon when you use it in the city. If you use it on highway, it can be up to 39 miles per gallon.

2017 Honda Fit Speed

In relation to the speed, 2017 Honda Fit is able to hit from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 8.5 seconds only. This is great enough. For the top speed, it can reach up to 120 miles per hour. Because of this performance, many people are attracted to this new car.

2017 Honda Fit Prices

There are many models of this new Honda Fit that you can choose. Starts from 2017 Honda Fit EX as the base model, it is priced from round 17,000 dollars. For the top model, it can be up to more than 22,000 dollars. And there are some other models that have different prices no more than the top model.

2017 Honda Fit Engine

This car is also powerful enough. You can see that the high quality engine is able to help this car produce high power up to more than 130 horsepower. The torque offered is also very great. Overall, 2017 Honda Fit is satisfying.

2017 Honda Fit 3

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