2018 Honda CBR1000rr Redesign, Concept, Specification, Release Date, Price

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Good news for those who loves the Blade sport bike produced by Honda as next year, the upcoming version of 2018 Honda CBR1000rr will be released. This bike that has been caught up attention of many people several years ago will be produced again with new concept. Of course, we can expect vivid and ferocious look and more compatible performance as this 2017 Honda CBR1000rr spec will use the latest version.

2018 Honda CBR1000RR 1

The 2018 CBR1000rr Redesign and Concept

Different with the first version of CBR, 2018 CBR1000rr will likely have body design that looks appropriate with the latest issue. It will have sporty look that can be seen clearly in the body design. This bike will have sturdier body as it has heavier weight yet producing more powerful performance. Several control features will be added there to give more convenient and safety handling for the riders.

2018 Honda CBR1000rr will have Traction control that helps us to trail and ride in the road. The launch control and the cornering ABS safety system are also added there. The multiple fuel maps will help the rider to driver better in any condition and area. We can expect that this bike will have new revamp design that looks good and appreciated. Then, how about the performance? Will it use better engine system?

The 2018 CBR1000rr Specification

Even though we can be sure of that this new version will have new powertrain and turbocharged in engine system. However, we still feel unsure about what exactly the model or the engine type is. What is exactly right is the performance is promised to be better than 2016 Honda CBR1000rr. Then, how about the price or the date release?

2018 CBR1000rr Release Date and Price

Even though the rumor about the upcoming producing bike of 2018 Honda CBR1000rr has been spread but there is no official statement about the release date and the price of this bike that has been announced by the company. Though we still have no clue but we can predict that this bike will be offered with similar range price of the previous model. We can wait and see until the official statement is announced by the company.

2017 Honda CBR1000RR SP

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