2018 Honda Clarity Concept, Interior, Exterior, Powertrain, Specs, Release Date, Price

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Welcoming the next new-year Honda has been announced about the new generation of 2018 Honda Clarity. This sedan car with five seats will be the new one that enters the market line with full of hydrogen fuel cell system. Not only mention that, this car will also offer two other variant that enters the market as the lead one. It is the plug-in hybrid and battery electric system. Then, what we can expect from this latest generation of Clarity car?

2018 Honda Clarity Engine

2018 Honda Clarity Exterior

2018 Honda Clarity Concept Redesign

Obviously the design for Honda clarity plug-in hybrid will be different than before. The excellent Clarity will be much clearer and brighter than the previous series. Just like the concept that Honda always try to bring about, this car will definitely have the premium characteristics that is offered with an affordable price. Of course the premium and elegant look is not just a cheap word.

2018 Honda Clarity Interior

2018 Honda Clarity Review

The new 2018 Honda Clarity will surely have an excellent body with sharper lines that can easily attract people. The same new design entrance will be applied for both electric Honda car model and plug-in hybrid. The fuel cell car will have new front grille and back grille. The LED lamp will also revamp with the modern model one. This will improve the design into an excellent level. We can expect for the spacious room for the interior as it will have new leg room design as well as for the headroom.

2018 Honda Clarity Specs

2018 Honda Clarity Specifications

Talking about the new ever totally hybrid car in the road and become the leader in the market, we can’t skip about the engine specification of Honda plug in hybrid 2018. One thing that we can keep as a headline is the detail about the mileage range. This car will offer 40 plus mile range that is available for the plug-in hybrid. This middle size sedan car will have enchanted battery with great plug-in system that people will enjoy.

This car will offer an excellent efficient performance especially in the gasoline usage. This car will be an ultra-efficient car that will spend low carbon with an excellent powertrain. This car will have attractively good features and infotainment as well like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay technology system. As an addition, the audio display system will added with an advanced active safety system. Even though we still have no further information about the details but we can definitely wait for the upcoming 2018 Honda Clarity to be released soon along with the release date detail and prices.

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