2018 Honda Element Redesigns, Engines, Price, Day Of Release

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2018 Honda element is set for being released sooner. This car is the continuations of crossover SUV version of Honda Element series. It is a kind of compact vehicle, the SUV which is larger than mini SUV but smaller than mid size SUV. The productions of this series are ended actually. But, due to the rising demands, the new models are being produced. Potentially, it will be available as 2018 Honda element USA also.

2018 Honda Element Engine

2018 Honda element redesigns

This new model would maintain Honda element exterior design concepts. Finally, Honda element redesign is done slightly which are expected on its grids and bonnets. The enhanced bumpers would be used on this car. The bumpers would get larger horizontal opening which encourage flow of fresh airs. The fresh airs supplied would reduce certainly the temperatures of interior.

The design would get look closer of Jeep model. However, this car would get lighter weight since most of frames would be made of aluminum. The front fa├žade would be covered by plastics. This car would get improved alloy wheels also with enhanced tractions. The LED light would be used as head light. Its fog light must be Xenon. Overall, the appearance of this car is pretty sleek.

For interior, based on Honda element rumors, it would get complete redesigns. This version is being made more spacious. Besides, it can accommodate up to 6 passengers. This SUV will get foldable and adjustable rear seats. By this, all passengers would experience more comfortable rides. This car would come with more leg and head room. The modern power steering systems would be also the improvements applied in this car. The LCD screen, audio system, Bluetooth and USB are the features which would be incorporated in 2018 Honda element as entertainment purpose. This model would maintain safety features including cruise control, airbags, navigation system, and parking sensor.

2018 Honda element engines

This new car is expected to get 2.4 liter 4-cylinder VTEC engines. These engine systems are designed to burn fuel efficiently that can produce up to 150 horsepower. Its fuel efficiencies would allow the car to get 25 mpg and 20 mpg fuel standing for highway and city respectively. The engines are set for producing 165 lb ft of the torque. 2018 Honda element is expected for achieving the growth up to 112 km/h.

2018 Honda Element Exterior

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