2018 Honda Prelude Changes, Exteriors, And Interiors, Specs

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Honda Prelude is sport coupe which is introduced by Honda from 1978 up to 2001. This two-door coupe is loosely derived from Honda Accord and also spanned five generations. Sadly, the productions of Prelude concludes in 2001 upon the introductions of the others version. Prelude fans have gone for fifteen years without seeing the refurbished model of this car. But, the good news is here, the manufacturer plans to revive the cars. 2018 Honda prelude would be available for today as the concepts and the cars look much better than previous version. Yet, the official information related to Honda prelude 2017 price is still guarded secret.

2017 Honda Prelude Type R Engine Specs

2018 Honda prelude exterior changes

The exteriors of new Honda prelude 2017 would get totally overhauled. The manufacturer would use lightweight alloys and carbon fiber material to construct the new sport coupes and it would also get several features from previous version. But, it would look sportier with addition of modern day sleek feature.

The whole body would host well defined curves and lines which would give the car elegant look. The manufacturer also would try to incorporate boxy looks of old version, which is admired by many people, and sporty as well as sporty looks of today. Heavily redesigned and sharp front bumpers and grilles, air intakes, headlights, which would make this car, look like the zooming through the corner whilst still in stationary positions. The sides of 2018 Honda prelude will wear slightly prominent wheel arches as well as new side skirts which would round up the sides.

The back would get redesigned as well, possibly LED tail light and rear bumpers that would now carry the functional diffusers with quad exhaust stacked on tops of each other. Overall stances would be lowered in manners which suit prelude pedigree which is accompanied with 19-inch alloy, sport tires, as well as brakes. Compared with 2017 Honda prelude type r, this new car is more stylish.

2018 Honda prelude redesigns

Comes to the interior, it would be redesigned with the aims of making the car more convenient and comfortable. The manufacturer would potentially borrow few bits and pieces of latest Accord and Civic Type R. But, beside that, it would praise itself with room cabins that provide small cargo section and comfortable seating spaces. Inside of 2018 Honda prelude, the arrangements of seats would allow for sufficient leg room and headroom for accommodating both short and tall drivers.

2018 Honda Prelude Exterior

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