2018 Honda Rincon Specs, Redesign, Release Date, Price

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Have been hiatus for the refinement and any upgraded session, recently Honda make an exciting news to the ATV riders that the long waited excellent ATV vehicle, the 2018 Honda Rincon, will be produced soon and be released in the next year. This is really good news as Honda has not been yet updated this ATV for almost a decade! So, what kind of new things that we can expect from this? Let’s check it out.

2018 Honda Rincon Concept

2018 Honda Rincon Price

2018 Honda Rincon Specs

It is true that 2018 Honda ATV rumors have been spread wide these lately two years but until a year ago, Honda did not give any clue about the new version of their favorite ATV vehicle. However, this year, the company seems has been heard about the long suggestion from riders about what should be new in their ATV product and finally there are several details that will be released about.

2018 Honda Rincon Release Date

2018 Honda Rincon Review

Talking about 2018 Honda Rincon engine specification, we can express our happiness as this vehicle will get huge refinement in the engine system. Now, we can hope for the new displacement that will be higher than the previous version. This generation may not use 750 cc types anymore but maybe will change into something that is higher than before. We can welcome for the new transmission to be added there. 2018 ATV rumors will be full of new excellent things, just like what we have been wished for.

2018 Honda Rincon Specs

2018 Honda Rincon Redesign

As for the engine system that will be upgraded, we will feel cheer up with the new look in the body design. Just like the powertrain and transmission that is upgraded to the higher level like five gears or six gears, it is possible that the design will be something new as well. Especially after we heard that the suspension and the rear will be more ferocious. It means Honda Rincon redesign will be stronger and bolder than before.

This news has been made us hype yet we still have to wait a little longer as there has no further information about the full detail and more important, about the release date and the price. However, we can expect that this 2018 Honda Rincon will have something new that is highly produce an excellent performance in total.

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