2018 Honda Talon 1000 Concept, Redesign, Specs, Release Date, Price

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Talking about the upcoming new ATVs car that will complete the vehicle market, 2018 Honda Talon 1000 enters the line with confident. This vehicle is rumored to be built with more powerful machine that gets upgraded than the previous series. Obviously the design will get revamp. We can expect the new stylish design in the body design. In other side, the engine system will use the new version that supported high performance.

2018 Honda Talon 1000 Engine

2018 Honda Talon 1000 Price

2018 Honda Talon 1000 Concept Redesign

Honda Talon 2018 will possibility get revamp in several sides. The rumor that spread says this version will have different body line in which it is more sturdy and sporty. This designs more masculine image appeared in the vehicle. Of course, this is a good sign. It seems the front grille will have different design as well. The side body of the vehicle will gets sharper line and the LED, it will definitely uses the brighter and clearer one that will be applied in both front LED light, fog light and tail light.

2018 Honda Talon 1000 Release Date

2018 Honda Talon 1000 Review

2018 Honda Talon 1000 Specification

2018 Honda Talon 1000 will get more cc in the engine system just like the title name. This off-road will get 1000 cc in the system. This help to produce around 120 horsepower. It means it will give absolutely satisfying performance. The size of the travel will be around 18 inches while the tires will be 30 inches. This vehicle will get an automotive cockpit with well design. As an addition, the bucket seats will be made with high quality material. The traction control will be a good and nice end as it will serve better control to the driver.

2018 Honda Talon 1000 Specs

2018 Honda Talon 1000 Release Date and Price

Even though we can see several Honda Talon picture but we still do not know how much this car will be offered in the market. But it seems we do not to wait for longer time anymore as there is a rumor that this car will be announce around second round in this year. It seems in April, the company will give some clue about the specification and other following information. After that, in the middle of the year, it is possible that this car will be released in the fall season.

The news of the upcoming releasing of 2018 Honda Talon 1000 is really good news. This news has been waited for many people since year and now that Honda will release about the detail and specs of the vehicle, it becomes another good as well. We can wait for Honda Talon release date to be announced soon, probably not until the end of the year.

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