Honda Crosstour 2018 Concept, Redesign, Interior, Exterior, Specs, Release Date, Price

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An excellent combination of hybrid model with coupe that gets sporty shapes really make Honda Crosstour 2018 becomes one of the most waited crossover car to be announced in the market line. The new improvement that is really different will be applied in the new version. The modification will be luxurious yet modern. Seems, the interior will follow the beat too. Meanwhile the engine system will use new powertrain that can produce and support higher performance.

Honda Crosstour 2018 Engine

Honda Crosstour 2018 Exterior

Honda Crosstour 2018 Concept Redesign

Honda Crosstour 2017 review shows that this car is actually has good body design. However, the shape model seems fail to attract people. Thus, the company decides to release the new ones with better design. The five door model will be kept in the body design yet it gets new refinement like in the bumper and grille. Both of the sides will have chrome finishing that makes it look shiner and hopefully attach into people’s attention.

Honda Crosstour 2018 Interior

Honda Crosstour 2018 Review

Honda Crosstour 2018 will have smaller size than the previous model. We can see it from the wheel base size that gets smaller. It uses 18 inches wheel size. But this makes good and supportive model for the exterior look in total. The revamp of 2016 Crosstour redesign really gives better look. In the interior design we can see that this car will have better infotainment sides as well as the safety system.

Honda Crosstour 2018 Specs

Honda Crosstour 2018 Specifications

Even though we can predict that this car will gets several features like the audio system, navigation system, security system, airbags, traction control, and auto braking system that can support more convenient performance but we still do not know about the 2018 Honda Crosstour release date. However, we can guess that the engine system will be available in several models like 2.4 L engine with i-VTEC model and 4-cylinder technology.

It may use with3.5 L powertrain that comes with six cylinder inline and 5speed gear system. Both of the engine system will produce higher performance that is seen from the higher level of horsepower and torque. Honda Crosstour 2018 will be sell in various price if it is produced with various model or version as well. The base price may start at around $28.000.

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