Honda Grom 2017 Change And Release Date

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Honda will release a new motorcycle model that will amaze people when they ride the motor. The motor is called Honda Grom 2017. This one has some changes at the design and specs that can increase the performance of the motor. The type of this bike is sport bike so that the design of the bike is bigger.

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The design of Honda Grom 2017

The bike has impressive design that can amaze people. It has bigger body and arrangement that can make people comfortable in riding. The weight of this bike is lighter than Honda MSX 125 because the weight of Grom is 106 lighter than other sport bike. Moreover, the bike also has futuristic style that can be seen at the body bike.

The specs of Honda Grom 2017

Furthermore, the specs of this bike are also impressive. The bike will come with 31mm upside-down fork front suspension. Besides, in the rear of the bike, this Honda also has a mono-shock that provides a suspension. This bike will use a 4-speed transmission with a chain final drive transfer to the rear wheel. It will comfort the rider in riding. This Honda Grom 2017 will be powered with air-cooled 4-stroke, 125 cc, SOHC, and single cylinder engine. The bike also has a better torque that will satisfy people in riding.

The features of Honda Grom 2017

Honda Grom has impressive features that can comfort the people in riding. This bike has good brakes where the front brake has 220 mm in diameter and the rear brake is 190 mm in diameter. The exhaust of this bike is also good because the emission will conform to CARB and EPA standard. Because of that, people will be comfortable in riding.

Honda Grom 2017 Release date

This bike has been earned in the worldwide popularity because the bike has more than 300.000 units sold in the month ago. Moreover, the Honda Grom 125 has been released in the previous year in august 2016.

The price of Honda Grom 2017

Furthermore, the price of Honda Grom 2017 is about $ 3.199. It will be impressive for people to ride this bike with this impressive model at the chassis and engine. They will get satisfied to ride this bike for their activity.

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